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What do we do?

We give you free legal advice from a family law solicitor about your personal situation.


Flag DV Legal advisors can offer you the advice you need to confidentially make decisions to improve your situation.
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Domestic abuse and violence often affects those who love you too. Flag DV can link you to organisations and resources that help you protect yourself and your family.
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You are in charge. Flag DV will listen to you and respond with options based upon your legal rights and the outcome you want. But it’s up to you what you do next.
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Did You Know

Office for National Statistics, The Crime Survey for England and Wales year ending March 2018

An estimated 7.9% of women (1.3 million) and 4.2% of men (695,000) experienced domestic abuse in 2018
Clare’s Law gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. A member of the public can also make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member.
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You might be able to get legal aid if you have evidence that you or your children have been victims of domestic abuse or violence and you cannot afford to pay legal costs.

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A look at 2020....


Domestic abuse victims contacted Flag DV for help


Children at risk of being affected by parental domestic abuse


The number of male victims who made up 7% of our clients

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November 23, 2020

Berkshire Community Foundation support

As the coronavirus crisis continues to affect the lives of everyone in the country, our understanding of the impact and how it has played in domestic abuse grows. At the end of last week, we reviewed our numbers for the month and discovered that we have reached a sobering 140% increase in demand for our […]

October 15, 2020

We have exciting fundraising news!

We’ve joined TheGivingMachine! Now you can raise free donations for us when you shop online. TheGivingMachine charity is a great fundraising website that lets you raise donations for our cause whenever buy something online. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost you, or us, a penny. To get started just sign up as a Giver on TheGivingMachine, […]

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