We Need To Work Together…

Australia’s former Governor General has recently stated that domestic abuse is “…the most grave human rights issue in the world”. Read more here.

This got us thinking that the only way to beat domestic violence is TOGETHER no one individual or organisation can remove it from our society we need to work together, everybody as a team.

We need to be starting young and teaching our children what is and isn’t ok in a relationship. Not all schools are currently doing this. There are plenty of tools and resources around like this one from women’s aid that can be utilised.

We need to make sure that we aren’t just sitting back and watching someone be abused they may not want your help right then and there but don’t give up on them, have patience, do some research so when they are ready you can help them most effectively. For some people just knowing you are there will give them the strength they need. For more ideas look out for our future blog posts full of helpful advice.

They say you need a village to raise a family lets pull together as a rather large village and say we don’t accept domestic abuse in any form.


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