Small Things



Out of all the things that we have posted on Facebook this is one that has been viewed and shared the most.

Perhaps, it has captured the mood of the moment. It certainly got us thinking about how often it is the small things that can make big differences to lives.

There is a need for big campaigns by the larger organisations, lots of awareness raising about domestic abuse in all its forms and information about how we can help victims and stop perpetrators.

Helping to stopping abuse, however, doesn’t always have to be on a large scale.

Sometimes all that needs to happen is for a friend or family member to catch a victim at the right moment with the right words and they may be freed from old patterns or begin to think about things differently. Often people experiencing domestic abuse think they don’t deserve your kind words but giving them freely is very empowering.

It is easy to lose patience with the people in our lives who you know need your help right now but for some reasons are unable or unwilling to accept help at this exact moment. Your quiet steadfast support will mean that they have someone when they are ready. For them knowing that you believe in them could be all they need and helping in the small ways as much as the big ways could be just as important.

For more advice on supporting victims of domestic abuse see here.

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