There are many myths that surround domestic violence and abuse, myths that we should all be tackling. Here are just a few that we have come across.


If the children don’t see it they won’t know that it’s happening.

They only do it because they care.

If it was really that bad they wouldn’t stay.

All abusers have been abused.

We shouldn’t get involved if we suspect it is happening to someone we know.

It only happens to people living with low incomes or with poor education.

It is only women that get abused.

Domestic abuse only happens to the minority of people it’s a very small problem.

Abusers are always obviously violent people.

None of these statements are true, anyone anywhere from any background ethnicity or social standing could be an abuser or being abused. They don’t have to have been abused in their past or obviously violent in everyday life.

Domestic abuse is not a small problem, SafeLives estimates that each year 2.1 million people suffer some form of domestic abuse, it has long been brushed under the carpet and ignored. People often believe that what happens in someone’s home is private and that you shouldn’t get involved but a little bit of help and support goes a long way.

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