How can you help?

There are many things that you can do if you suspect that someone you care about is suffering from domestic abuse.

Most of them very simple like just letting them know that you are there for them, often abuse sufferers feel lonely and isolated so knowing that you are there and that you care makes a big difference.

When talking never judge and always take the lead from them, don’t push the conversation it takes time and patience to help someone that is suffering from domestic abuse. Keep in mind that they may still love their abuser so don’t talk badly about them.

You can offer practical help like a safe place for them to escape when the abuse intensifies. A place to keep important documents, spare sets of keys and clothes. Support when reaching out to local services for help or researching local services so that you have all the information that may be needed when the time is right.

Most importantly listening to them and prioritising their needs above you views and feelings about the situation.

Here are some useful websites for further information…

National Domestic Abuse Helpline

1in4 women

The survivor’s handbook

Thames Valley Police


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  1. Thanks for this recent message about how to support people we know. Very useful info and a good reminder. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

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