Contact us for legal advice

Click the ‘Referral Form’ button at the top of this page, complete the short form and then just click submit referral. Tell us as much as you can to help us best understand your needs, including a safe method by which to contact you and you will hear from us within 72 hours of receiving your referral form.

Or you can make a telephone enquiry to Flag DV. A call handler who specialises in domestic abuse and violence will ask you for the same details that we request in the online form.


Helpline 0800 731 0055

Monday to Friday between 10:00am and 7:00pm

General Enquiries

If you have a professional interest in Flag DV or a fundraising enquiry please write to us, send us an email providing your name and a contact telephone number or fill in the ‘contact us’ form at the bottom of this page.



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