Black Dot Campaign

After reading all about the new black dot campaign that is all over social media, we in the office got to talking:

We wondered how effective it could be? Would the fact that the black dot campaign was so visible on social media make it a good or a bad thing for victims? What if I victim used the black dot but a person didn’t recognise the symbol? What if a perpetrator of abuse did recognise the symbol – could that create a high risk for a victim or could it be explained away “oh no I must have got pen on me”?

We don’t have all the answers. What we do know is that people who experience domestic abuse are often very good at assessing their own risk which might include whether the black dot would work for them.

At the very least it has got people talking about a subject that can be seen as taboo or someone else’s problem. That is a good thing. People can feel so isolated and alone not knowing where they can go to get help, it can seem like a minefield.

Friends and family can feel worried about bringing it up and saying the wrong thing so they say nothing at all.

There is always help out there and knowing where to go is half the battle.

Some useful links:


West Berkshire Domestic Abuse Service

Womens Aid



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